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5 massage options to choose from

Our massages are therapeutic and developed to address underlying conditions for long-term results. Whether you seek weekend relaxation or restoration from chronic ailments, our therapists will customise a treatment plan to meet your specific healing needs. Our massage options will meet your desires for relaxation or corrective therapies. Our salt-scrubs are ideal for exfoliating damages skin, restoring it to its natural beauty.


Deep Relaxation Massage

60 minutes

Restore balance with a relaxing massage treatment designed to soothe muscular tension and release stress in the body.
Feel everyday stresses melt away with our nurturing massage designed to induce full-body relaxation.

Signature Deep Tissue

60 minutes

Fully escape with a therapeutic body massage to relieve your body of the stresses and tensions of everyday life. This massage is customised to suit your desires for overall relaxation, relief from aches and pains, increasing blood and lymphatic flow, or recovery from athletic performance.

Massage Salts

Exfoliating Salt Scrub Massage

60 minutes

A body scrub is ideal for fresh clean skin, removing the dry layer of skin. It is also perfect for anytime you want your skin to radiate with a healthy, smooth glow. The scrub is specially formulated to improve skin function and appearance, including the holistic combination of Eucalyptus + Green Tea, Lavender, Pink Himalayan Salt, Vanilla + Rose, Chamomile + Clary Sage or Activated Charcoal + Magnesium.

Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes

Nourish your body and relax the mind with this tension-relieving massage designed specifically for pregnant women in their second or third trimester.


Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes

Our qualified Remedial Therapist will assess your needs and tailor a massage to suit you, focusing on muscle tightness and body pain.



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