How floating can assist fertility

One out of seven couples has difficulty when it comes to producing a child. Among the many reasons for this is one that floating can definitely help with – Stress.

Floatation therapy is the single most effective natural stress relief technique available. For fertility assistance for women, a course of 8-10 floats per month is recommended, every two to three days through the fertile period. The deep relaxation achieved is wonderful and provides benefits to you in many ways. However, if stress is the main reason you are unable to conceive, then floating truly will be a great assistance.

Controlled scientific studies have consistently shown that floating is the most relaxing experience on earth, better even than bed rest. This has been confirmed by measuring subjects’ perceived stress, their hormone levels, and their brain waves. Floating is easy, with no skill required. No matter what time of day you float, the effects last for two to three days.

Continued research on stress and stress management relating to pregnancy is needed. However, the emotional aspects of patient care appear to be critical for effective fertility treatment. The best fertility treatment should offer comprehensive psychological support and stress management, as well as quality medical care.

Floatation study began in 1954 as a means of testing sensory deprivation. It was first intended as a journey of the mind. Users were submerged, rather than on the surface floating. Later experimentation took place in the 1970’s, as researchers in western Canada further studied the effects of sensory deprivation.

Current, sleek and modern versions of the tanks started appearing just at the beginning of the new millennium, as people began to recognize the other healing benefits unique to floating in salt water.

The refined float spa experience of today is becoming accessible to more and more people all around the world. It’s now possible to find float centres in Australia, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, with the number of centres set to increase dramatically everywhere as news gets out through social media and word of mouth.

Our float tanks that are inviting and welcoming. Floating is enjoyed by all sorts of people for meditation, relaxation, and as a form of alternative medicine to promote rapid healing.