Me, myself and the flotation experience

Allow me to take you on the intricate journey of a first-time floater.

I enter my private float room, fully set with an open-plan shower, large luxurious towels, all things necessary to ensure my comfort pre- and post-float, as well as a lockable door. I am talked through what to expect and I am made to feel prepared for my forthcoming flotation experience. I am both excited and nervous. Although I’m prepared, I’m unsure – as I have never experienced what it is to float before. The preparation eases my nerves however and I begin to let go of any associated tension as I lock the door behind me. I am in what feels like my own personal oasis – a space which is mine, to enter and exit the pool as I feel necessary.

As I finish my pre-float shower, the pool completes its final filter cycle and instead of my sense of sound being focused on the light trickling of running water, it turns to the tranquil mood music playing lightly in the background.

I step into the pool and sit down as I feel the warmth of the water envelop me. As I begin to slowly lay back, I feel my body begin to rise to the surface of the water with an ease that delights me as much as it surprises me.

Transcended – in what feels like both time and space. Time no longer exists and I cease to feel the attachment of my body to my mind. I am weightless. The temperature of the room and water is heated in a way so to match the surface of my skin – and the perfect happy medium is achieved; I am not too cold, nor too warm. My body experiences a sense of nothingness, allowing it to achieve complete relaxation.

Feeling like what can only be explained as a mind floating through space, I am able to quiet the thoughts which flood my busy life on a daily basis. All there is, is silence. I focus on my slowed breath and heavy heartbeat, while my mind reaches a state of absolute tranquility.

I am floating for what seems like a lifetime, until my ears are again greeted by the sound of tranquil mood music filling the room and my eyes by the familiar experience of light. In this moment, what was sixty minutes feels as though it might have been sixty seconds.

I lift myself out of the pool as I feel my mind meet my body again.

I cleanse myself of the excess Epsom salts which have clung to my body during my post-float shower and make my way to the private post-float retreat lounge, where I am met with serene surroundings and a chamomile tea. Here my body and mind is allowed to acclimate to its usual senses.

Upon completion of my first floatation experience, I can confidently say that I consider floatation to be the ultimate rejuvenation of the body and mind and that I look forward to incorporating regular float sessions into my health and fitness routine.