Chat with local mother of two, Holly Jackson, on her experience of Kids Salt Therapy

You’ve heard all about salt therapy and the wonders that it works – but did you know that it also works wonders for your little ones too?

Salt Therapy has been clinically proven to benefit children with respiratory and skin conditions – with children responding to the therapy in a more rapid and intensive way than that of adults.

I had a chat with local mother of two, Holly Jackson, on her experience of kids salt therapy at Mind. Body. Salt.

“Our daughter was sick, well she’s always sick – but she was down with a cold and croup and I’d followed the Mind. Body. Salt. Facebook page a while ago and it (an offer on kids salt therapy) came up and I turned to my husband and said ‘should we do it?’ and he goes ‘just do it’ – so we thought we’d see how we go,” she says of how she first encountered kids salt therapy.

Despite having been somewhat skeptical about salt therapy and its abilities to heal, Jackson decided to purchase an unlimited week-long pass, for youngest daughter, two year-old Emma.

“We went every day for the week – Emma’s cold and croup was done and dusted within four days. There was one day she did two sessions, she went with my grandfather and then we went in the afternoon, so she did two sessions that day and all up five sessions over the week – and the croup and the cold was gone. It was amazing,” she says.

There is much concern around the chemical and hormonal content of many medications – and the side-effects that these may have in children. Alternatively, salt therapy provides a 100% drug-free, natural treatment option.

“Yeah, for sure – it will most definitely be my go to (before medicated treatment options). It has so many more health benefits and it’s better than putting steroids in her system,” says Jackson.

Kids salt therapy at Mind. Body. Salt. features a separate salt room for children. The children’s salt therapy room is designed specifically for children – keeping them entertained and encouraging them to have fun while undertaking the therapy.

“They love it in there – they’re always excited to go see ‘Dan the salt man’. Our oldest is autistic and she’s sensory seeking and I just took her along because she doesn’t like to be left out and it’s been amazing for her,” she says.

Fully set with toys, books to read, TV and much more, children will simply feel as though they are having a play date, rather than undertaking a therapy.

A parent or guardian is also permitted into the therapy room, to watch over their child who is under 12 years of age – without incurring any additional fees.

Alongside improved breathing and skin, salt therapy also harnesses the ability to assist with sleep.

“It improved Heidi’s sleep as well – she’s on Melatonin for sleep and she always wakes up in the morning and has melt downs galore, but while we were doing it (kids salt therapy) she was waking up and was actually quite bright-eyed and happy to get on with the day.” “I have been (recommending kids salt therapy to others) – I had a friend come with me a couple of times and I’ve been recommending it to my friends and family. I can’t recommend it enough,” says Jackson.

Please note that kids salt therapy is not recommended for children under six months of age.

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