Meditation – unlocking your true potential

If I were to ask you what the one thing that the likes of Oprah Winfrey, 50 Cent, Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood and Nicole Kidman might all have in common, your answer would most likely be that they are all successful, or that they are all rich and/or famous. These answers would very well be true – however, the answer that I am here to discuss is one that delves further down, to a deeper level. Meditation. The one thing that this list of people all have in common is that they meditate.

The list I have selected is completely randomized and would sincerely go on forever if I were to continue to list off some of the most successful people today and throughout history, who have all included some form of meditation within their lives – but if those names weren’t enough to satisfy you, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga and Barack Obama can also be added to that list. I’m sure by now you’re getting the point, right? If you’re not convinced, a quick google search should fix that.

Meditation is ultimately the conscious choice to take time for yourself, to put yourself first during this time, in turn both caring for and nurturing yourself. This allows you to then return to your daily life, with the ability to live a proactive lifestyle – creating or taking control of situations as they arise, rather than simply responding to them after they have occurred.

For a long time now, I feel that I have struggled to live a truly proactive lifestyle – and I’m sure that I’m not alone in saying this. I mean, I do what I need to get done, but rather than feeling like I’m being proactive for the most-part of my life, I’d rather consider myself to be reactive. For example, in the morning my alarm goes off and I react by waking up (sort of) and rolling over to my side, checking Facebook – and going through the motions. From the get-go, I have surrendered any sense of being proactive by simply being reactive. Seriously, what would Oprah say?

All Oprah-self-shaming aside – I had heard so much of meditation and the ability it has to be life changing, but never had I tried it. I admittedly had some doubts in regard to the true power meditation harnesses, but boy am I kicking myself for waiting so long to jump on the meditation band-wagon now.

I found myself walking through the door to the salt room at Mind. Body. Salt, where I would soon undertake my first salt room meditation session, guided by Isabel Fopiani – unaware that half an hour later when I would walk back out the very same door, my life would truly be changed.

As much as I wish I could explain my meditation experience, it is sincerely hard to find the words to do it any justice. I also truly believe that each individual meditation experience will be unique to the individual. Just know that I found it inside myself to voluntarily wake up at 7am the following morning, go for a jog along the gorgeous Geelong waterfront, as well as truly having had the most productive day that I have had in the longest time – and this is coming from someone who does little to no physical activity and will often sleep until midday.

Salt room meditation at Mind. Body. Salt allows for a meditative and mindful experience that is made simple, easy and oh so enjoyable – with incredible guides and tranquil surrounds. Sessions are limited to 10 people as a maximum capacity, so to not overcrowd the room, in turn allowing for an intimate environment.

Meditation is able to assist you in reducing stress and anxiety, quieting or settling a loud or overactive mind and ultimately, finding an incomparable sense of inner-peace.

I’m not the next Oprah Winfrey yet – and I still have a long path of meditation and mindfulness ahead, but I can happily say that one session of salt room meditation has entirely changed my life – and having now experienced it, it’s something that I won’t be able to go into the future living without.

Choose to take some time for you and let salt room meditation change your life too - open your mind and your heart and begin your meditative and mindful journey today.

Mind. Body. Salt also offers a kids salt room meditation session, for children between 7 and 12 years of age.


MON: 5:45pm + 6:30pm // THU: 11:00am

SAT: 10:00am + 11:00am // SUN: 11:00am


Meditation and mindfulness made simple, easy and enjoyable.

Relax, sleep better and discover the calm and clarity within — on one of our regular meditation and mindfulness sessions in our Salt Therapy rooms.

At Mind. Body. Salt you will learn proven strategies for reducing stress and anxiety, settling an overactive or overwhelmed mind, and finding a sense of peace, whenever and wherever you are.

Our limited small group session (max 10 people per session) provide an intimate environment for your path to meditation and mindfulness.

​Through focus and dedication, persistent practice, meditation will calm your mind and make your body light and strong, easing the harsh effects of a stressful, busy lifestyle.

Due to limited positions in each class we recommend you book classes in advance to avoid disappointment.

Mind Body Salt Meditation guides:

Isabel Fopiani

MON 5:45pm + 6:30pm / THU 11:00am


Tarah Fopiani

SAT 10:00am (Kids Meditation 7-12 years)

SAT 11:00am

Project Smile


Kelley Reynard

SUN 11:00am


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