Claustrophobia and Floatation – taking on the pod

Wanting to delve into the wonderful world of floatation, but struggling with the idea of taking on the pod? Allow my words to comfort you, in my saying that you are most definitely not alone in this.

Claustrophobia is one of, if not the most, commonly expressed fears in relation to floating in the pod.

I’m here to discuss claustrophobia and floatation, and to tell you why it shouldn’t keep you from giving it a try. In the words of The Jackson 5, ‘baby, give me one more chance’ – and where the lyrics say ‘me’, let’s imagine they instead say, ‘the pod’. What I’m basically saying is, don’t write the pod off just yet!

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at claustrophobia and what it is exactly. Claustrophobia is essentially defined as a fear of confined spaces. The largest component associated with claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape, or being closed-in. Similarly, another component experienced by those who suffer from claustrophobia is the fear of suffocation, from a lack of air in said confined space.

Now, the reason you need not let claustrophobia keep you from floating, is because neither of the components that are associated with claustrophobia are present in floatation. The lid to the pod is able to be easily opened and closed as you please and you are in full control at all times. With this being said, it is possible that you use the pod with the door completely open, partially open, or closed; as can you exit and enter the pod as you feel necessary. The pods also feature an air circulation system, which will work to bring fresh air into the pod throughout the duration of your float.

Mind. Body. Salt. have partnered with Australia’s premier float pod company, The Apollo. Apollo Float Pods boast the distinctive ability to maintain the precise float solution temperature of 34.5 degrees during floats, ensuring that the floatation experience is at its highest potential.

The pods also feature in-tank lighting and controls, leaving the floater with an even greater sense of control over the experience. The pods are fitted with LED lights that allow for a soft blue glow inside the tank, which can be turned on or off as is felt necessary. This light switch is within easy reach, alongside a volume control and call button, to further help the experience be eased into and give floaters peace of mind.

Further, The Apollo pods feature an anti-vibration pad at their base, eliminating potential distractions which may come from nearby traffic or other sources of vibration.

The floatation experience itself is highly centered around calming the mind and with this, many associated fears are able to be overcome in the pod.

See, it’s already sounding a lot less frightening, isn’t it? It is however important to go into the experience with realistic expectations. In most cases, the fear of the pod is connected to a fear of the unknown, rather than to clinical claustrophobia. Keep in mind that floating comes with a learning curve. A great number of beginners will settle right in and have an extraordinary first-float, however, for a significant number of others, the first therapies can be somewhat challenging. Remember that this is okay, this is normal and that if you choose to continue to practice the therapy, said challenges will be overcome. Here, you will be left to experience the truly amazing benefits of floatation. You and I both know, the pod will win in the end.

For those who are still questioning their ability to take on the pod, Mind. Body. Salt. is also fitted with the region’s only 'open float pool'. This room is a private area, like your personal hotel room and includes a pool larger than a pod, your own private monsoon shower and over 500kgs of amazing magnesium in the pool.

Ready to take on floatation in either to pod or the pool? Book your float here