Finding the Yin to your Yang – Yin Yoga at Mind. Body. Salt.

Based on the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, essentially meaning that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, comes the beautiful style of yoga known as Yin.

Yin Yoga is slow-paced in nature and focuses primarily on a series of long held deep stretches, which are roughly three to five minutes in duration. Targeted at the fascia tissue within the body, also known as the connective tissue, each asana (or pose) will work to stretch these areas of the body (think towards ligament and joint capsules), which are often otherwise left neglected, as they require longer holds than that of regular muscles due to being denser in nature.

Yin Yoga allows us to energetically stress and manipulate the fascia, which in turn causes chi (or energy) to begin flowing through our meridians (or energy channels), which ultimately run throughout the entirety of our bodies and connect to our vital organs.

You may be thinking, ‘hold up a minute, how am I going to hold a pose that achieves all of this within my body, for a WHOLE three to five minutes?’, well, what is worth noting is that there are no strict rules in the practice of Yin.

A majority of the poses that are held during Yin practice will primarily be floor based, where you will be provided with a mat and blocks, so to support you in your poses. For further support, students are welcomed to bring bolsters and/or blankets. The use of these during the practice will further help you in feeling safe, secure and comfortable throughout the duration of each pose.

The practice of Yin is also beneficial for the mind, as well as the body, in that during our practice we can look towards our habitual patterns of thinking. With this, we are able to create a harmonious and peaceful relationship within ourselves, in which we can exist.

Additionally, Yin Yoga at Mind. Body. Salt. is practiced in the Salt Therapy Rooms, which allows for yet another beneficial element to be tied into the practice. The negative ions and healing properties which are found in 100% pharmaceutical grade salt work to aid the body in truly surrendering to the practice; in that it allows for complete relaxation within the nervous system, as well as an increase in breathing capacity by up to 20%. You can read more on Salt Therapy and the wonders that it works here.

Aside from the extraordinary benefits of Salt Therapy, Yin Yoga itself has many benefits, some of which are that it increases and/or enhances our flexibility, it allows us to be in a mindful and meditative state for an extended period of time, and it in turn reduces stress and anxiety.

Find the Yin to your Yang with Yin Yoga at Mind. Body. Salt, where you will undertake a light and creative flowing sequence of postures. Once you enter the salt room and take your place on your mat, you will begin with a series of sun salutations to warm the body, then move through a continuous flow of poses synchronizing movement with breath. Following this, things will be slowed down with deep stretching to relax the body, before moving into guided meditation to bring stillness to the mind. The class will finally conclude with a peaceful shavasana (or yogi sleep).

The practice is limited to 6 yogis per class, so to not overcrowd the room and maintain a peaceful and intimate environment. Furthermore, due to the uncomplicated nature of Yin Yoga, classes are beginner friendly, as well as being suited to the more advanced yogi. With this being said, modifications for each asana (or pose) will be given, so to cater to different levels of experience.