Chat with 93-year-old Lloyd Chamberlin, on the rest and comfort Salt Therapy has brought to his life

Salt Therapy is the all-natural miracle treatment bringing rest and comfort to many individuals who struggle with a range of respiratory and skin conditions.

Lloyd Chamberlin, 93 years of age, had struggled with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) for several years, when his granddaughter suggested Salt Therapy to him.

“I knew nothing about it,” says Lloyd, “My granddaughter said ‘grandfather, I think Salt Therapy would help you’. So, we had one visit and I said ‘yes, I need more’. My lovely daughter and my son-in-law got this place [Mind. Body. Salt.] set up for me and I’ve been coming every day since.”

Bronchitis and Emphysema are the most common conditions that make up COPD. These lung diseases involve symptoms such as increased mucus and inflammation, as well as destruction and enlargement of air spaces, often resulting in blocked airflow and difficulty in breathing.

Salt naturally harnesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, meaning Salt Therapy has the ability to alleviate symptoms which are most commonly associated with such respiratory conditions.

“The wheezing is gone, the congestion is all broken up, and that [the congestion] was always there before. Breathing in the salt has improved it immensely. I’d like to say thank you to Dan [owner of Mind. Body. Salt.], because it feels so much better. It’s made a big difference with sleeping at night time too, because I was coughing through the night in my sleep and I’d wake up with a mouthful of phlegm several times, but now that’s all gone, which is a wonderful thing,” says Lloyd of his experience of Salt Therapy.

When it comes to Salt Therapy, consistency is key. Accompanied by son-in-law Gordon Young, Lloyd attends Salt Therapy at Mind. Body. Salt. twice every day.

“We come twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. And because it was doing dad so much good, I’ve got emphysema, so I decided I need to do it as well,” says Gordon.

With regular Salt Therapy, breathing can be improved, as the severity of coughing, congestion, wheezing and shortness of breath, among many other things, is significantly reduced.

“Dad’s had bad lungs for a long time. Normally by this point in the year, he’d be on probably his fourth or fifth dose of antibiotics… This year, he’s had one course of antibiotics for the entire winter so far. He’s sleeping better, he’s not wheezing, it’s great,” says Gordon of the difference he’s noticed in his father-in-law since undertaking Salt Therapy.

“I’ve always said to dad, we’ve got to try and keep away from the antibiotics as much as we can, because they kill off all the good stuff as well.”

Salt Therapy provides a 100 per cent drug-free, natural treatment option to those struggling with a vast range of respiratory and skin conditions.

A non-invasive therapy, Salt Therapy at Mind. Body. Salt. allows clients to sit back and relax in the softly lit adult salt room, where a halogenerator [salt machine] grinds up pharmaceutical grade salt. This salt is then turned into tiny particles which are pumped into the room, where they will be both inhaled deeply into the clients lungs, as well as coming to rest on their skin.

“It’s wonderful. It’s a natural cure,” says Gordon, “Salt has always been a healer. It’s a natural product, there’s no chemicals involved. You sit in a beautiful, relaxing room; they’re lovely chairs, you get a nice massage as well, and honestly, I normally fall asleep.”

“I’m not 21, I’m 93,” continues Lloyd with a chuckle. “I was born December 20, 1923 and this is a wonderful thing to have come across. I cannot recommend it enough. Before Salt Therapy, I used to live one day at a time, not sure I would wake up the next day… Now I can look further ahead.”


Mind Body Salt offers casual 45 minute salt therapy sessions for $40. Management is the key to success, so the studio offers a 7 Days 'Unlimited sessions' pass for $79.

For $39 per week (direct debit) you can receive unlimited sessions. This is an 8 week plan.

The studio also offers a seniors discount and it is reduced to $35 per week for unlimited sessions for seniors. To book a consultation or salt therapy session, give the studio a call on (03) 4222 8176.