Horizontal exercise (...not that kind)

We’ve all been told that exercise is good for us and that in doing so we can work towards a healthy lifestyle, prevent disease, increase muscle mass, reduce body fat as well as release the feel-good hormones. I'm no scientist however I am living proof that in moving my body I do feel good, I think the trick is to move your body in a way that is enjoyable.

Many don't enjoy sport or particular exercises and so often we can freak ourselves out at the thought of going for a run or what we believe we need to do in order to be healthy. Can you resonate? Perhaps you are an avid sports lover/player, perhaps you’re thrilled to hit the pavement or the weight section in the gym? You might be a yogi or a dancer or just love to get out in the garden and get rid of those nasty weeds whilst getting a sweat on? Or you may want to hurl at the thought of any of this.

Regardless I strongly believe that exercise is only 20% of the deal when it comes to health which means that we don't need to stress about it. All we need to do is figure out how we love to move ourselves and do that on a daily basis, have fun and enjoy the process of being healthy. Trust me, I used to be that person who smashed out two workouts daily in and around a full-time job and whilst I don't believe there is a right or wrong way I would probably describe my efforts as an unhealthy way to get healthy. I believed that exercise was going to cure my mindset however it ended up burning me out and I never truly got the results I endeavoured to attain.

When I figured out how I best wanted to move and groove to tick off my 20% I started to get into Pilates, Boxing and community workouts and this did tickle my fancy! Then I fell pregnant so my focus was on doing ‘what I could’ throughout the nine months; walks, Yoga, Pilates and the occasional gym sesh with a a fellow mum-to-be. With an eagerness to ‘get back into it’, as they say, I went for a jog three weeks postpartum (not wise). Ladies who have had babies you're probably cringing at the thought of this because most of it was about holding everything in, not pleasant.

After feeling like I was running with my feet on backwards and my knee giving in I decided that the pavement wasn't my friend and running would have to wait. I did however continue to move my body but needed a solution for what would make me feel good on the days I wasn't doing home yoga, group pilates or boxing; with a five month old.

Ask and you shall receive, Vibrosaun (imagine the sound of rainbows) is shown to me. So I want to tell you why I am in love with this form of ‘moving my body’.

To paint the picture for you I decided that I would attend a 45 minute session every day for a week to test how I felt about this magical machine. Not only was I surprised at how relaxed it made me but saw the centimetres from my waist start to firm up, my mind and muscles relaxed and the ability to wheel my baby in with the pram was the icing on the cake!

Unlike other saunas I have been in I found that having my head out meant I could either enjoy catching up on ‘Black Books’ or ‘Project Runway’ on the tv mounted in the ceiling, meditate, watch my baby, actually close my eyes and let go all without the dread of losing an ocean of sweat. Instead I could burn fat, detoxify in a dry heat and allow my body to do the work.

The other great point about using the Vibrosaun was that I could treat my body to the joys of exercise without damaging my joints whilst my knee was healing and while my body was repairing after pregnancy.

I know this sounds like some kind of voodoo but seriously I'm not even getting started on the benefits that I've felt from using the Vibrosaun. From a physical point of view I have seen results in my body, more importantly I have felt the results. I love to use the word ‘Energy’;we are made of energy, we exert energy, we create energy and we hold energy and at times we can often feel heavy and overwhelmed with it. You know that feeling when you've left work and you need to shake it off, you've had a run in with your boss, a friend or family member, you don't feel yourself or the kids are running you ragged? Perhaps you've been around a group of friends or colleagues or a footy game and you feel exhausted, nervy, imbalanced, moody, angry or even those days where you need to cry and down know why?

The thoughts come into your head like

- I need to hit the gym because I feel like I have all this energy pent up

- I know a run will do me good even though I don't feel like it

- It’s too late to book a massage

- If I go for a swim ill probably drown

- I don't have time, I need to get dinner on, it takes too long to get ready

- The kids

These are all the reasons I have heard people excuse themselves from exercise for. Don’t get me wrong I certainly believe its a mindset game here however there are days you need to have another solution to shake out the excess energy.

As I mentioned I did a week challenge in the Vibrosaun and have been attending at least 4 times a week since then and I am becoming more aware of the emotional energy benefits. With the gentle vibration, cool fan on my face, the ability to choose the heat temperature and the comfy horizontal-ness I can feel the energy of my day release each time I go.

A friend who came with me explained to me exactly this, as she allowed the vibration of the massage to soothe her she began to feel the tension in her chest disappear and she was able to relax, she knew she needed to release the feel good hormones but the gym was off the cards today. Afterwards she had a cry to me and knew that she had released the heaviness of her week; how powerful!

Lets re cap.

Why I love the Vibrosaun?

- Dry heat and you control the temperature gage

- Fan for your face

- Full body massage

- Horizontal exercise (not that kind)

- Fat burning

- Detoxification

- Relaxation

- Bring your child in

- TV on the roof

- Zen time

- Energy releaser

- Simple

- Time effective

- Healing for joints

- Circulation booster

- Great for insomnia or anxiety

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Happy Healing.