The C Bomb. Healing your cold this season.

If someone had told me 2 years ago that I could use affirmations to heal sickness I would not have believed them. At the first sign of a cold I would run to the pharmacy and get something to dose myself up on, head to the doctors, stress about calling work and go over and over in my head that I was feeling sick. However having learnt a lot about mindfulness and the power of mindset over the years I now utilise affirmations and emotions to lead me back to wellness.

Even for someone who is active daily, eats incredible nutrition, reads books, sets goals, drinks plenty of water and practices self healing and self love, I do get sick every now and then. One of the reasons I don't stress about this anymore is because I used to get sick all of the time so its almost a novelty when I do. I certainly don't love it but now I don't fight it by being stressed. I allow my body to heal by understanding why it is that my body is sick.

I’m a massive Louise Hay fan which begun when a few of my female mentors mentioned her book ‘Heal Your Body’ when we would discuss feeling unwell or having an injury. I became curious and started to connect the dots as to why I kept getting sick in the same ways. In a snap shot everything that is physical of the self connects to emotions and vibrations of the self/soul. To connect the dots for you I wanted to share my recent example of healing and at a perfect time too as our season is changing and we welcome in the common c bomb (The Cold).

According to Louise Hay the ‘physical’ Cold our body is experiencing represents the ‘emotional’ as too much going on at once. Mental confusion. Disorder. Small hurts.

Straight away I realised that this last week of external chaos had leaked into me and my body was telling me ‘too much’ I could definitely connect to ‘disorder’ and I was feeling mentally confused. Small hurts had been popping up every day in my connections, in my self talk and also in physical clumsiness. Hence the cold. It sounds crazy but I actually rejoiced the cold because it placed me in a mind space to connect to the logic and the emotion behind my sickness or rather imbalance. Once I was conscious, a massive weight was lifted and I could then focus on healing. Just saying the affirmation “ I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and all around me.” Enabled me to focus in on just a few things that would move me forwards and de clutter the disorder!

Other than doubling my multi and probiotic I also included some Vibrosauna sessions and Salt Therapy. According to the Salt Therapy Association (STA) Dry Salt therapy is not only incredible for general wellbeing, skin and respiratory health but the Dry Salt particles are known to accelerate the movement of mucus and eliminate foreign allergens which then boosts the immune system.

Having heard a lot about Salt therapy for Asthma and experiencing the benefits of Salt Rooms for prevention it only made sense to treat my body to it whilst being under the weather. Across 4 days of sore throat, headache, blocked sinus’, a little cough and a few snuffles I had treated myself to 2 Salt room sessions and 2 Vibrosaunas. Meaning that right now as I write this only a week later I am tip top and feeling clear! (My partner now has it, whoops).

Combining the two processes I feel I could literally vibrate out the toxins and stress energy from my body with the Vibrosauna and then cleanse my respiratory system with salt. After my first Vibrosauna when I had the headache I found that the vibration helped move the mucus and relax my neck to I could allow the healing process to continue. Staying on top of my water was important here too and listening to what the body needs. For example, I was craving spinach and raspberries which I then added into my smoothies so increase my iron and antioxidants. It’s all about listening and understanding.

I’d also like to share that I take my 5-month-old baby with me and it is amazing to see her feeling better after a few sniffles and runny nose. So, heal with your kiddies and prevent the nasties from spreading.

Let’s re-cap on how to heal your cold this season

1. Identify and acknowledge that this is what your body is telling you through physical means

2. Be ok with the fact you're imbalanced (not stressed and overwhelmed)

3. Say “I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and all around me”

4. Open your diary

5. Check which days you can set aside for a Vibrosauna & salt session at least twice a week

6. Water- check

7. Feed the cold (what are you craving?)

8. Don't tongue kiss anyone during this time

9. Repeat above if symptoms persist

10. Enjoy the process of becoming well

Happy healing

Clare x