8 Weeks of Wellness

More than ever there is a large focus on health and wellbeing and I am so glad to hear and see this in society. One area that fascinates me is the idea of challenges and programs that give us the chance to set some goals and spend a period of time taking small steps towards them.

Mind Body Salt launches its "8 WEEKS OF WELLNESS" - Sign up anytime in April & May to start your journey. Click here to join online now.

Perhaps this is the turn of the mindset dial from reaction to prevention? We know that going for a run once isn't going to make us healthy nor is one burger going to make us unhealthy, but we do know that having an apple a day is much more beneficial than 7 on Sunday.

In other words consistency is key and so in terms of time allotted results goals, I say lock yourself in!

From a health point of view many are familiar with the idea of exercise and food regimes and programs focused on physical areas of wellbeing but again mindset is a tougher area. It’s still easy to say that body and mind are completely seperate but the way in which health is moving we are beginning to see how much our minds influence our physical worlds. Just like a bicep we need to practice using our brains to build strength.

The reason I say this is because wellness challenges can often be looked over and I believe they should be embraced more often, in order to truly impact other areas of your life and wellbeing.

Now you know I'm a fan of Salt Therapy and finding new ways to give myself the chance to be in balanced wellness on a daily basis so Ill share with you a 3 part challenge I’ve been doing and it may just inspire you to get on board yourself.

For 8 weeks I am working on my wellness by booking into one salt float, one Vibrosauna and one salt room session per week for the whole 8 weeks. Why?

Firstly because I have my goals clear

Body- Hit below 20% body fat, prevent reoccurring colds

Mind- Connect to my heart centre with some alone time each week

Spirit- Meditate daily and cleanse of toxins

Secondly I want to create new habits, so committing to 8 weeks allows me to time block that into my schedule and reduce anxiety around when I will be able to achieve these goals. A lot of the time we self sabotage our own challenges because we don't make the plan or have a plan to follow. “ I’ll re-start Monday” does that sound like you?

The beauty of these time allotments is that you commit to something beyond yourself. Whether that be someone who’s doing the challenge with you, the session times, the investment of your time and your money. There is incredible value for you by allowing new habits to create long term success and how good is it when you achieve those goals at the end because of small decisions each day!

Ok so what your 8 weeks will look like?

To join the dots this is how I will be using each to achieve my goals

Getting my body prepped to lose some body fat I will start with the Vibrosauna. Heat up my body, switch on my metabolism and massage any toxins, energies and injuries in my body. Then to float in 1000L of salt in either a pod or the private pool to relax my body and my mind by giving the weight of my body to the water. The hour in the pod will also connect me to breath and to my centre. Then to finish off, a salt room session to cleanse my lungs, connect further to self and then meditate ( or bring your book).

Mind Body Salt launches its "8 WEEKS OF WELLNESS" - Sign up anytime in April & May to start your journey. Click here to join online now.

If you can create that time once a week for all three in a row I would highly recommend, however looking at your schedule perhaps its over 2 or 3 days. After work for 2 days and your day off hit up the third session. You will get the benefits either way so I would just focus on what suits around your lifestyle.

The steps are simple;

1. Book your 8 week wellness pass here

2. If you hesitated and didn't click go back to 1

3. Set the mind, body, spirit goals for the 8 weeks

4. Look at your schedule and map out when you will go

5. Put your family on notice, that this is what you're doing for you for 8 weeks

6. Share the journey with someone else, this is a great idea for accountability and fun

I would love to know how you go in setting your goals and how you feel each week so send me some feedback via

Happy healing

Clare xx

Mind Body Salt launches its "8 WEEKS OF WELLNESS" - Sign up anytime in April & May to start your journey. Click here to join online now.