Gift of health

Just a foreword, I’m speaking about mothers here, but please insert the guardian who is closest to you in regards to ‘Mum’ so you too can relate.

Remember those times when you fought with your mum about what seemed would cause the end of the earth whilst she says no to the movies with the boys? Remember feeling like she had no idea what you're going through because she couldn't have/ doesn't have a life beyond you?

Perhaps you're still at this point or, like myself, became a mother and by gosh learnt just how much the above is not true! That there was no laundry fairy that would place your fresh clothes magically upon your bed and no food fairy who whisked up dinner from her magical fairy book every night, not even one for your neatly ironed uniform for the next day, rather it was the woman who brought you into this world that cause the magic. This wonderful woman who runs a household, works her passion, looks after you, the dog you wanted, the goldfish your sister needed, the garden and the husband whilst managing to brush her hair and also consume some sort of food at some time of the day!

Let’s talk about Mothers Day. Every year we celebrate one day for our Mum’s, the classic Pj set, flowers, handmade gifts and breakfast in bed. If your game, some sort of household item that has a hint attached or you may take her out for lunch and do some lovely chores around the house which will relieve her for one day. Don't get me wrong, these are all lovely ideas and any help or any gift from your little ones is a blessing. However I’d like to share some insight into how you can give your mum some extra loving that will last beyond Mothers Day.

What gift is it you ask? The gift of health.

Working in the field of women's health I've noticed that many women don't put themselves first, especially mums. I hear it all the time,

“ I don’t have time”

“ The kids need me so I forget about eating”

“ They have to sleep, eat, play so I don't see how I can even think about a massage”

“ I’m exhausted”

“ I’m a mum now, forget that”

“ I can’t”

The list goes on, and what I’m saying is “you can”. In order to do that though you've got to start somewhere; break the cycle.

For me it’s about three areas of health, which are nutrition, exercise and mindset. Whilst I’m sure you all have some handy tips and tricks that align to your nutrition, for me it’s attending nutrition workshops once a week and working on my snacks, food prep, shake ideas and how I can help other women too. For exercise I do what I love; pilates in a community, yoga, walk with the pram, Vibrosauna and the gym.

Mindset, now this is the one I want to hone in on. None of the above happen if I don't feel good in between my ears so I need to do a few things daily and weekly that check off the mindset component of my health.

Among reading a good juicy PD book I like to treat my mind to spiritual and emotional rest. The nutrition and the exercise certainly help but the power of actually stopping your body and mind is beyond measure (may be measurable by length of patience and tolerance before and after).

One of the gifts of health I give to myself is floating, I loved the partner float and I did take bub into one session ( in the room), however to be alone for an hour is a gift all women/ mums need.

Visualise this; a deep breath, a hot monsoon shower, salt water holding you above the earth, stillness, warmth and another deep breath, muscles relaxing from your toes to nose. Nice hey!

To actually be able to breath and listen to your own heart beat for this time enables you to practise gratitude for the busy external world. The silence allows you to rest your body and therefore your mind. Just breathing deeply and consciously assists in digestive wellness, opens up the neural pathways in your mind and connects your whole self ( body, mind, spirit) to the ‘now’.

I am actually feeling very relaxed writing this, do you?

Better yet I’m all booked in for my Mothers Day gift, I’m going to start with a Vibrosuana and shake my sillies out and then it’s an hour of bliss in the float pod for me.

This is my weekly practise so I can give myself a Mothers Day 52 times a year rather than 1.

As a Mum I give this gift to myself, for those who aren't Mum’s do this anyway and gift it to your Mum to give her the gift of health.

I will leave you with this.

Happy healing - Clare