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Floating with Intention.
A 4 week program for growth.

It's floating but with a difference...

The power of releasing stored or trapped emotions is massive. And we all have them. It’s part of the human experience. When we don’t know any better or don’t have access to the necessary tools to release them, we suppress and/or repress emotional experiences, feelings and thoughts. So where do they go?

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 "Float with intention'

- make it your intention to do it! I had an

amazing 4 weeks with Ingrid

who is one of life's beautiful

people. The experience of

sharing in a safe space in the

salt room and then floating away

in peace and tranquility in your

own float pod was heaven. Try it,

you'll love it!

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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Limited to 4 people per program

$450 all inclusive
Next program open: Wednesday 22 June 2022

Wednesday evenings 7:00pm - 9pm



Helpful Information

How is this different to just floating whenever ?

What we’ve found is that most people find it really challenging to quieten their minds for their first couple of floats. And can feel like they’re going in blind. FWI allows you to unpack your busy-beds and close tabs down before entering your float with a specifically designed intention and breathing framework for you to drop in and be so much more present in your float experience.

So is it just floating and then you’re done

No. So once you arrive, you enter the Salt cave where you receive salt therapy. During this time you get to be guided and supported by Ingrid in unpacking the stories and beliefs that you’ve been holding that are preventing you from living your absolute best life and being yourself. Your true authentic self. From there you then go into your float. The time in between each session you will hear from Ingrid with tailored support and tools to utilise to get the most out of your 4 weeks .

What if I’m too afraid to share my stories and deep fears?

That’s perfectly ok. You only share what you’re comfortable sharing. Having said that, you will always get out of this experience what you put in. So while it’s totally up to you how much you do share, you are in a safe space with people who have more than likely experienced something similar, so sharing as much as you can is definitely more beneficial for your healing and growth . Know you not alone in these fears and stories. Never!

Misty Slopes

Introducing "Floating with Intention"

Transform Your Life


If you take a moment to drop down from your mind and into your body, this is where those suppressed and repressed emotional experiences live. In an energetically library if you will. Imagine each and every one of these is represented by a singular book in this library. From deeply emotional traumas to bad memories, they are all here. And because they are all here, they are causing blockages. Because we keep re-living them every time they get triggered. 

For example, say as a 7yr old kid you were chased by a German Shepard dog. You ran so fast and were so scared. You kept looking over your shoulder to see if the dog had gained distance. He had. And before you knew it, you were bitten…hard. You felt the physical pain. You felt the intense emotional fear. Your brain and body were running on adrenaline. Your heart was about to jump out of your chest. You felt like you were going to throw up. 

After a while your physical body heals. After a little longer you feel as though your emotions and mentality has calmed down. You got over the ordeal. Time has healed all wounds. Or has it? 


You are now 20yrs old. You are walking through a park on a glorious summers day. Suddenly you see a massive dog running towards you. Fast. You are trying to convince yourself that he’s not going to bite you but you can’t. Your emotional body takes over. You’re scared. You’re sweating and your legs have gone to jelly. You can’t even hear the owner yelling “don’t worry. He’s friendly.” Your heart beat is in your ears. Your emotional body memory has kicked in. That book labelled “German Shepard attack when I was 7yrs old” has been opened. And it feels exactly as it did 13yrs ago. Like it is happening again. 
This is something we all experience. We ALL have these books stored all at varying degrees. When we hang onto these we cause physical dis-ease and illness, we can experience depression and anxiety, we don’t access a deep level of joy in our day to day, we push people away and sabotage relationships, we become easily triggered and reactive to other peoples opinions or comments, and we believe “this is just how it is”. Because we don’t know any different.


This is NOT how it is meant to be and you CAN take these books off your energetic library shelf to create more space to let in the goodness of life. Greater health. Deeper relationships. An abundance of joy. A deeper connection to who you really are. Because all of this is no longer being clouded by the weight of these books you carry around with you EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

We have created the perfect tool for you to do just that


Dancing in Park

A 6 week program that will leave you feeling lighter on all levels. This is an intimate experience where you will be fully supported and guided through each session by Ingrid, setting a powerful intention before floating in your float pod, releasing those books from your shelves. 

Here’s a little insight into what your 6 weeks will look like : 

  • Each week we meet at 7pm in a group of 4 where Ingrid will facilitate individualised coaching to support what it is you came to work on. 

  • After this, you make your way into your float pod with a set focus/intention that you and Ingrid create together so you can walk out feeling like a massive weight has been lifted. 

  • After your float, you come together again to regroup and receive your focus for the week from Ingrid according to your specific needs. 

  • You also receive an additional float each week to utilise and compliment the work you will be doing on yourself. 

  • Ingrid then touches base with you in between sessions to support your journey even more so and assist you in deepening your experience

  • You also have access to unlimited Salt Therapy sessions over the 6 week period. 

The beautiful part about investing in this 4 week program, is this will not only shift things for you, but it will ripple effect to your children, your friends, your family. You are being the example of things can be different through how YOU show up as YOU. 

Floating is powerful just on it’s own. But this is SO much more than just floating. This is a 4wk program where you will really get to know yourself deeply and will be fully held by Ingrid in all that you experience for the entire 4 weeks. 



- Ingrid has worked for over 6 years in the self development and life coaching space. She has facilitated 100’s of powerful breakthroughs and life shifts through her own business in 1:1 coaching sessions, overseas retreats, in person workshops, online membership programs, and group programs. She has also assisted other well known coaches in their businesses by being a support coach for them in their online programs and weekend workshops. She has featured as a guest speaker on podcasts, online programs and in person events. Needless to say, she is very well versed in supporting humans in their vulnerabilities, shares and breakthroughs and has a knack for shining a light on their blind spots to allow them to be the best version of themselves.

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