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Be in the Moment with Frequency Recalibration

What is Frequency Recalibration?

The great Nikola Tesla once said “ If you want to find the secrets to the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

Everything around us, no matter how solid it may appear, is energy. You are also energy. You know when you’re energy is out of balance when you feel stressed or unwell, overtired or maybe sometimes you don’t even know… you just feel “off”. 

Another way to talk about this energy is FREQUENCY. 

Much like your car radio, your AirPods, the phone towers, frequencies are used to communicate to other sources. When you turn the radio on and the station is fuzzy for example, you tune it in to get a clear sound…through the specific station frequency. 

Just like radio stations, your frequencies and energy gets fuzzy. The foods we eat, the environmental factors, the water we drink, the emotional stresses of life/kids/work etc….all put our frequencies out of balance. 

How would you like to find out where your imbalances lie and recalibrate them back to optimal state using frequencies? Not the harmful ones that come from your phone or laptop. The ones that are native to your body. The ones you are made of. 

Well now you can!

Tuesday evenings 6pm & 7pm.
Saturday's 11am

60 minute Frequency Recalibration plus Salt Therapy

A little bit about Ingrid

Your Frequency Recalibration facilitator

Hey guys. It’s me…Ingrid. I wanted to do a little intro and insight into me. So here goes. I am a very proud mama of 2 gorgeous boys. We live near and love the ocean. It’s literally our second home all year round. I love nature…she’s da bomb. I love cooking, hate cleaning, love reading and oils and the sneaky glass of red. I am a sucker for a good Dad joke or any sarcastic humour.  I am also an artist and do custom drawings and surfboard art. I am a HUGE believer that when we live our best life in play, joy, fun, self love, creativity and child like curiosity, it creates a magnet for all the things we wish to bring in. I choose a high vibe life on the reg and am always looking at new ways to up my own frequency. I believe that when we humans allow ourselves to be human BEINGS and not human DOINGS, we unlock a whole new level of awareness and capabilities. And that’s why I am here on this crazy blue planet. To guide you back to remembering your BEING. Thanks for reading. HAVE AN AMZING DAY. Love ya, Ingrid xo


Frequency Recalibration in the Salt Cave

With Ingrid Lecke

For the new & the experienced

In these sessions your imbalances are identified using real time communication between IMF’s (individualised micro current frequencies) and your body. You then get to sit back and relax in the gorgeous Salt Therapy room while your custom frequency program works it magic, bringing your imbalances back into a harmonic state with your body. And not just your physical body. Your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies too (DID YOU KNOW: that we actually have 5 Subtle Energy body layers? I know right!!!) 

from the Salt Therapy room. 


Find Balance through your frequency

This Frequency Recalibration Session will bring you out of stress and overwhelm (fight or flight) and into a more grounded state (rest and digest). 
You can request a specific program if you are experiencing something specific mentally, emotionally or physically. Or maybe you don’t feel anything yet and would like to know where those imbalances lie. 
The Frequency Recalibration Sessions are THE perfect way to support you with the fab combo of micro current frequencies and the awesome frequencies that are already emanating

Mudra Meditation

+ Salt Therapy in the Salt Cave

In addition to your Frequency Recalibration, you receive a 45 minute salt therapy session within your class. Sit back deep into the massage chairs and breathe in the pure pharmaceutical grade salt that is gently pumped into the room. Breather better, sleep better, be better.

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 1.19.33 pm.png

Price List

Find your frequency


60 minute Frequency Recalibration class

This class offers a 60 minute frequency healing and salt therapy session.

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