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Guided Meditation in the Salt Cave

With our gentle, kind and friendly guide Tess.


For the new & the experienced

Weather you are new to meditation and mindfulness, or looking to refine and develop your skills.
If you have a busy mind (and life), lack discipline and can’t sit still, that’s no problem. Our approach is client-friendly, realistic and practical.

Meditation made easy

Learn how to relax, sleep better and discover calm and clarity within. We’ll share with you proven strategies for reducing stress and anxiety, settling an overactive or overwhelmed mind, and finding a sense of peace, whenever and wherever you are.

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+ Salt Therapy in the Salt Cave

In addition to your guided meditation, you receive a 45 minute salt therapy session nwithin your class. Sit back deep into the massage chairs and breathe in the pure pharmacuitical grade salt that is gently pumped into the room. Breather better, sleep better, be better.

Monday evenings at 6pm

45 minute guided meditation + Salt Therapy

A little bit about Tess

Your guide

Tess Rhiannon/

Tess is a mother of three and has a background in disability support, working with both adults and children, runs regular women’s circles and has been dedicated to her healing and learning over the last 5 years. 

Her Qualifications include:

- Diploma of Holistic Counselling 

- Diploma of Meditation Therapy 

- Post Grad in Sound healing & Inner child healing

- As well as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner her skills also extend to Intuitive Card Readings, Crystal medicine and Aromatherapy. 

Tess has a passion for supporting her community to heal and grow in each chapter of their lives. Working with women, mums and children 1:1 her work extends into holding space in groups across the Surfcoast /Geelong area. 


Price List

Start your path to peace


45 minute Guided Meditation class

This class offers a 45 minute meditation and salt therapy session.

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