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Are You Being Selfish?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

You may have spotted our staff's t-shirts in store with the slogan on the back that reads "self care is not selfish". Chiche? Sure. But accurate AF!

You see, as a society we have been taught (for the most part) that putting ourselves first is "selfish".

We must consider others!!! We must put our family, our kids, our jobs, our relationships, our finances, our chores or those that are in need FIRST.

And I'm not saying all of these things aren't important priorities in our lives. They 100% are. But let me ask you this..... how will you show up to all of these domains of your life at your full capacity if you aren't looking after yourSELF?

You'll burn out, get overwhelmed, stress goes way up, things you could usually overcome feel insurmountable. And then you begin developing noticeable symptoms.

More reactions than responses. You feel anxious daily. Overthinking. Restorative sleep is a pipe dream. Coffee to pick you up Monday-Friday. Wine to wind you down Saturday and Sunday and probably some weekday evenings as well. Am I right?

How long can you keep this up? I'm genuinely asking. How long?

And when you break down, guess who else suffers?

Your family, your kids, your job, your relationships, your finances, your tasks and chores and anyone you were going to help in need.

So is it worth it? Is not looking after you and not making YOU your priority really worth it?

It's a big fat NO from me.


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Choosing yourself and making time to connect back to who you are does not...I repeat DOES NOT mean that others suffer as a "sacrifice". Quite the opposite actually.

So commit to that time to do what you need to take care of you. A long walk along the water's edge. A mediation. A solo lunch date. A float or massage. Some simple changes to your health like cut and add (cut one thing that isn't serving you out and add one thing that will). Begin something creative. Simply step outside and take 10 deep belly breathes.

Mix it up. But like any new habit you create, it has to be daily. I mean we don't just drink 3litres of water on Monday and stay hydrated until Friday. We have to keep choosing that thing daily to truly benefit from it.

If you feel stuck for your first step to choosing you, why not check out Mind Body Salt's awesome options here while the WINTER SALE is on.

A Salt float is THE ultimate switch off session. And an amazing way to connect back to YOU and who you are. But that's another blog for another day.

Thanks for reading guys. And as always feel free to find me on Instagram: ingridlecke and ask any questions you may have or share your updates on your changes.

Love love love, Ingrid xo

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