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Wellness classes

Guided with kindness by our energy angels Ingrid, Laura & Tess.

Frequency Recalibration

Everything around us, no matter how solid it may appear, is energy. You are also energy. You know when you’re energy is out of balance when you feel stressed or unwell, overtired or maybe sometimes you don’t even know… you just feel “off”. 

Another way to talk about this energy is FREQUENCY. 

IMG_2906 2.HEIC

Fire & Ice!
Ice Baths + sauna + Salt

Whether or not you are familiar with Wim Hof (if not look him up. He’s an absolute legend), ice baths have been proven time and time again to have a myriad of benefits for your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health. 

We wanted to provide that experience for you at Mind Body Salt. Which is why we have created FIRE & ICE. 


Shamanic Journey

Every Monday evening we are offering our 'Shamanic Journey' in the Salt cave.

This includes a series of Shamanic Journeys, through the body system will be held gently by Laura from North of the Hill / Lap around the Sun to bring your body into alignment.

The first journey will support you in feeling Grounded. Working with different frequencies, these sessions can support your body system in releasing tension or stress and bring you back to a state of self feeling lighter, yet grounded.

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