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Your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die.

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Harsh? Maybe. But true!

Hey guys. Ingrid here. And this is the first of the weekly Mind Body Salt blogs I’ll be coming in with to deliver you all more value and insight into a range of topics and conversations.

Obvs today is focused on your comfort zone. Let’s be honest, we all have one. Or many. That area of our life we have manufactured that is mostly predictable and usually same same but different. While this feels warm and cosy, it’s also not where those things you desire, dream, long to do... are created. Sigh!

Let’s take it back to basics for a minute. We, as humans, stay mostly in what is comfortable because comfort = predictability and that = safety. Our mind looks for safety as part of our innate primal instinct. And while this keeps us alive when potential danger arises, it also serves as a massive delay or deterrent in going for it when we think of a new adventure or project. “What if I die?” is the feeling that your brain creates when you think about starting your own business, for example. You KNOW you won’t die. But the fear and anxiety that arises feels similar to that of impending death. So you don’t do that thing.

You don’t write that book or quit that job you hate.

You don’t start that online business or book that solo trip.

You don’t end that relationship or ask out that person on a date.

You don’t face off with yourself and take responsibility for your choices and life.

You don’t speak at that conference on stage or confront that person with your truth.


The cue to NOT do the thing will be consistent. And persistent. But what if, instead, you used that cue as your motivation to jump? To leap into that unknown and try it! Give it a go! What if there was a way for you do something not many humans choose to do because it is SO uncomfortable? But it lays the groundwork for you to continue choosing that uncomfortability to make shit happen in other areas of your life?

2 words… ICE BATHS.

Jumping into an Ice Bath is a tangible experience that not only tests you physically, but mentally as well. It confirms you DO have the mental fortitude to overcome way more that you have led yourself to believe in this life. Even when your mind screams “GET OUT. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE”. To overcome that is truly something magical. Not to mention the endless line of physical benefits that come with.

Cameron Rosin and I chat about this exact thing in a live we did on the Mind Body Salt Insta page. You can check it out here.

Cold water swims and ice baths are by far the most invigorating thing I have ever experienced and although my hesitation to jump in is always there, the after feels are just next level. It’s truly something you need to experience for yourself to understand.

So I invite you….yes YOU… come along and try our Fire and Ice sessions that are on every Saturday @8am. Check out the info here.

And remember, turning up is the hardest part. Once you’re there it’s all go.


Love and power,


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